Hamster amature mature housewife men pie

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Vigar 1 year ago
Hit it on my 3rd attempt. I sense like a champ.
Nikor 1 year ago
Hey there beautiful you sure look stunning with the perfect curves in the right places
Doumi 1 year ago
I'm all for protecting kids and erring on the side of caution, but this woman's story feels more like vindictive ex than an honest actor with a well reasoned warning. She doesn't hesitate to call him a pedophile, but her examples seem pretty flimsy. If there's some dark secret that would make her assumption more credible, I assume she would have shared it.
Nikokus 1 year ago
The absolute worst are those Asian grandmas who block the aisle with both their carts while they cluck at each other at the top of their lungs. One time I was in a really bad mood so I yelled “MOVE IT OR LOSE IT GRANDMA!!!” It scared the heck out of them lol

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